Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking Course

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking Course

The de Bono Effective Thinking course will improve your critical thinking skills, develop complex problem solving skills and provide the participants with the thinking tools and creative thinking techniques that lead to better judgement and decision making.

Every organisation needs to think more effectively. Great companies foster creativity and innovation because they realise the catalyst for growth and cost savings is through the effective management of their thinking process.

Effective Thinking affects the bottom line of any organisation, profit. Companies can save money by increasing productivity, designing innovative new processes and developing new cost reduction strategies by improving the individual's skills in problem solving and critical thinking. de Bono’s creative thinking techniques have been used by fortune 500 companies to generate new revenue streams by helping them recognise new markets and develop innovative solutions which would otherwise have been missed opportunities.

The Thinking tools were designed by Dr. Edward de Bono. The tools work in conjunction with the brain’s natural ability to think, helping people gain new insights and perspectives on the subject of their thinking. By having a systematic framework for thinking, de Bono effective thinkers focus their attention on discrete areas, thereby giving them a better overview of almost any situation. Thinking is a skill that can be improved through training.

Companies use de Bono thinking systems

The Effective Thinking course consists of three  modules, each of eight lessons.

Module 1: You are introduced to the thinking tools and techniques that are proven to increase skills in areas such as creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking. As you move through the course you will encounter material and assessments that are designed to cement those concepts into your mind.

Module 2: You explore the different types of thinking situations that exist and how you should pro-actively react to them. By understanding the type of problems you need to solve you can learn the thinking skills to develop better solutions.

Module 3: You will focus on creative thinking and Creativity . Learning to think outside the box is important when you need to. You should be able to recognise situations that need creative thinking to be applied and be able to brainstorm in an effective focused manner that delivers results.

Why become a de Bono certified Effective Thinker?

  • Improve your complex problem solving skills.
  • Learn de Bono’s creative thinking techniques.
  • Have clearly defined strategies to improve your critical thinking skills.
  • Build confidence in your personal ability to think.
  • To have the ability to recognize thinking situations and know how to deal with them by improving your problem solving skills
  • Learn to think outside the box and develop solutions that work.

Who is de Bono's course in thinking for?

  • Universities, Technical Institutes and Schools that wish to provide their students with a certified thinking course
  • Individuals who wish to improve their thinking, and gain more confidence with their critical thinking skills.
  • Corporate training for companies that want to improve the brainstorming, idea generation and problem solving skills of their workforce.
  • Current and Future Team leaders that need to improve their critical thinking skills and manage better brainstorming sessions with their staff.
  • People who want to improve themselves and want to learn to make better decisions. Often what is wrong with a persons life is the decisions they have made. Improving our thinking will improve your future.
  • Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Politicians, Civil Service, Teachers, Journalists and many other professions require the ability to think. Thinking is a skill. Training improves your ability to think.
  • Students and Carreer minded individuals that want to stand out from the crowd as a “de Bono certified effective thinker”
  • People that know they want to be better skills at solving problems, better at thinking critically, and better at making decisions.